How to Practice Meditation

Meditation is a complex word. It isn’t just a position of the body, but more of a way of existing (we have a more in depth blog explaining the meaning of meditation here). To live in the present and perceive life without the conditioning of the mind is true meditation. However, it is difficult to be in the now when we lack concentration.

How many times a day does your mind wander away with your thoughts?

How often do you find yourself doing something when all of a sudden you realize that you had been inside your head the whole time and you missed the moment completely?

Let’s just say it’s been one too many times. But you’re not alone. We’ve all been there. In fact, we are there most of the time. It is rare to be completely 100% aware because we have accustomed our minds to be distracted at all times. We love entertainment, and this is why we find it so difficult to sit down with ourselves for a few moments. But this is the exact reason why we want to keep practicing meditation. Because we want to train the mind to be in the moment. 

If you’ve ever tried meditating, you know how difficult it is to attain peace. Meditation isn’t supposed to be easy. You wouldn’t expect yourself to become a pro tennis player just from practicing one day, right? Well, the mind is an art of its own that must be nourished in order for us to master it. What does one gain from controlling the mind? Infinite possibilities. And mostly, control of our lives. 

Aren’t you tired of being swayed away by whatever is in front of you? Aren’t you exhausted from missing your own life because you were living inside your head? If you only give yourself a little time every day, you can start regaining control of your mind. We’ll share with you a few of our favorite beginner exercises that you can start practicing every day to strengthen your concentration and become present in your existence.


1. Anchor Meditation

Having an anchor is an easy way to meditate. Ideally, you’ll want to be in a dignified position, so sit with your back straight or feel free to lay down facing upward (Try to avoid being in a sleeping position. We are trying to stay conscious!) 

Now, pick your anchor. We like to pick our breath or our heartbeat, as these are two anchors that we can take with us anywhere. 

The goal is to focus on your anchor for as long as you can. If you catch yourself drifting, don’t be hard on yourself, it is actually great that you noticed! Now simply go back to your anchor and repeat. We recommend that you put a timer on your phone that reminds you to come back to the moment  in case your mind takes you away. You can start with as low as 1 minute a day. What’s important is that you’re consistent! 


2. Grounding Meditation

Practicing coming back to the moment is an important exercise to keep handy, especially when we are dealing with stress about the past, the future or because our thoughts are spiraling out of control. 

During a grounding meditation, you will use all your senses. Start asking yourself the following questions: 

What do I see around me? 

What fragrances can I smell? 

What surface is below me, what textures am I feeling? 

What sounds can I hear? 

These questions will bring you back into the present as you have to be aware of your surroundings. Keep practicing until you feel calm enough. If you’re feeling good, you can move into an anchor meditation right after!


3. Gratitude Meditation

There are times that the mind is in a dark place and it seems impossible for us to find peace. This is when a grateful meditation is a must! 

This one is simple. Give thanks. If you cannot think of anything, give thanks for the miracle of life, for the food you have, for water, for shelter, for your loved ones. Keep giving thanks. Gratitude allows us to see our blessings and it is a great way to clean our hearts.  We also recommend that you go into an anchor meditation after you have cleaned yourself with this exercise. 


The mind is just like any muscle that must be developed, otherwise, it becomes weak. And the problem is that a weak mind is a paradox, for it becomes our biggest obstacle. If the mind is weak, it will control us and drive us into whatever thought labyrinth entertains it most. This is why harnessing concentration is crucial to the development of consciousness. We must stay mindful, aware and awake. True consciousness only lives in the moment and we cannot keep living asleep. 



There are certain apologies we’ll never receive. Certain words we’ll never get to hear.

But we cannot keep ourselves chained to an interaction that may never happen.

This is a worksheet to help you forgive & let go. Open your heart & let it flow.

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My Purpose

My Purpose

Are you truly aligned with your purpose? This worksheet includes a few questions that will help you reflect on whether or not you are following a path with heart.

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What is the Ego?

If you’ve been following our page, you may have noticed that we talk about the ego often. But what is the ego, exactly? 

First, let me ask you a few questions. 

Have you ever felt like you lost control of your emotions and said something you regretted after? 

Do you ever feel certain things that you know in your heart aren’t part of who you are?

Have you ever felt anger, jealousy, fear, vanity, gluttony, depression, pride, lust, or any emotion that is at conflict with your best self?

Unless you’re an enlightened being, it is likely that you have experienced these before. And that’s the ego. The ego is that part inside of you that isn’t necessarily what you consider to be the best version of you. The ego is the opposite of what we think of as our Soul. Our Soul is altruistic, full of love, it holds peace and kindness and all the higher virtues that we admire in Jesus, Buddha, or Krishna. 

We all have these two opposing forces inside of us, which is why we are facing a constant, unspoken inner battle. You probably have felt the conflict between your Ego and your Soul because we ideally want to be our Higher Self all the time, yet we act with our Ego because most of us have developed that side quite strongly.  

Do you remember when you were a child operating from a moment to moment consciousness? We were all pure when we entered the Earth, but gradually, desires began to control our being. The Ego runs on desires. Think about it, why do we get angry? Usually because we want the other person to suffer as much as we did. Why do we feel envy? Probably because we feel like we deserve what someone else has. Why do we feel lust? Because we want to satisfy a sexual craving. And if you start to analyze every single Ego that you carry inside, you’ll realize that a desire lies closely behind it.  

This is why it is said that the root of all suffering is desire.

If we weren’t so entangled in wanting more than to be at peace in the present moment, we wouldn’t be dealing with so much Ego. And our society doesn’t make it any easier. The television is full of products promising us happiness. Lust and violence are constantly being thrown at us in the media. We are being tempted everywhere we look. It’s as if we are walking in a minefield! 

It truly isn’t easy to get away from the Ego. This entity is so deeply ingrained in our being that it tricks us into believing it is actually who we are. This is why we have to be very aware of its energy and to be able to discern it from our Soul. How can we do this? Well, there is no quick fix, but we can acquire more concentration and consciousness to see. 

If we apply practices of meditation in our daily lives, we will strengthen our concentration (we will have an article with different meditational practices that can help you, but for now try concentrating on an anchor like your breath or your heartbeat for as long as you can). Concentration allows us to be firm and in the moment without allowing our minds to constantly wander away with any thoughts of desire. 

We also have to learn how to watch our thoughts constantly.

Whatever thought takes away your peace isn’t yours, it comes from the Ego. Ego thoughts tend to give us anxiety, which can be felt in our bodies through tension or in the way we breathe with more difficulty. When you feel at ease with yourself, you’ll know you’re working from a higher place. This is how you can discern these two forces working inside of you.

We are each a work of art. We cannot pretend that a masterpiece can be created in one day, and same goes with our Soul. It is through the purification of our Being that we will acquire true bliss. Desires promise us happiness, but truly, they are only a temporary fix that will never satisfy our thirst. This is why it is important to work on ourselves daily. If we don’t work on becoming better, we will stall or regress. The same way we acquire any skill, we must work persistently and passionately towards liberation, otherwise, we will remain slaves to the Ego. Only consciousness can free us. Will you awaken or remain asleep? 


7 Secrets to Have a Happy and Loving Relationship

We’ve all seen it. The “Instagram perfect” couple that looks like they have the greatest relationship. Travel, great physique, luxury, PDA…the world has never seen a better union! But soon enough, they break up.

Why is it that so many couples fail these days? How is it possible that almost 50% of marriages end up in divorce? Most of us crave an everlasting love that will beat the odds, but how can we achieve that?

To begin, let’s break down the idea of love. What do you consider to be true love? The word “love” has a very specific meaning. It isn’t vague. It is black and white. I personally love the Bible’s description of it:

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.”

Beautiful, right? And more important than its beauty is its truth because it tells us exactly what true love is. Love is pure.

This may be a cliché quote, one that we’ve heard so many times that it’s lost its meaning. But that’s exactly where the problem with most relationships lies. As a society, we have forgotten what true love is. People want to fulfill their idea of love so badly that they seek it in looks, money, or whatever will satisfy their desire for that idea. And none of this is real. It is only a facade.

Love cannot exist where there is desire because it is an attribute of the Soul.

So how can we truly experience a loving relationship and create an environment for real love to thrive? Let’s look at a few “secrets” that will help you achieve a happy and loving relationship.


  1.   Become a person who can “host” love

Being in true “love” is a beautiful experience, and believe it or not, it all starts with you. Before we can fully be in love with someone else, we must first be in love with ourselves. It may sound narcissistic but it is actually the opposite.

Being in love with ourselves means we are kind to ourselves. It means that we accept ourselves fully and nourish ourselves with vitality. It means that we wake up every day and treat ourselves with respect and honor. It means that we are constantly working on becoming a better person than yesterday because we want to see ourselves thrive. We cannot give others what we lack in our being, and harnessing self-love must start from within.


  1.   Be honest

It seems like there are many blurred lines these days when it comes to honesty and loyalty, but the truth is that these terms are clear as day. Honesty between two people means that we are able to share our feelings and our thoughts with one another because we have a full understanding of each other.

Being honest means being true to ourselves and the other person always, even if it hurts our feelings. Half-truths and “white lies” only break the bond between us and our partner since they damage our spiritual connection. Energy isn’t something that can be concealed, and deceive can be felt by our intuition.


  1.   Be loyal

We often think of cheating as sleeping with another person, yet cheating has many levels that can cause equal damage to a relationship. Cheating isn’t only physical. It always starts with the mind. If we are desiring other people constantly, it is impossible for us to be fully present with our partner. Again, energy cannot be concealed, so if we have uncontrollable lust for other people, it is something that will be felt.

Loyalty also means being respectful to your partner. Flirting may seem to be innocent, but we cannot pretend that we are being loyal while trying to attract other people’s attention. Always check your real motives behind your actions. In your heart, you’ll know when a line is being crossed.


  1.   Grow with your partner

Let’s be real, we are all human. We still have a lot of desire left in us, but we are always given the chance to move forward and grow or to devolve into worse beings. Assuming you’re trying to get better, it is important that you and your partner both align into a growth mentality. It is very difficult to run a marathon with someone who has no intention of practicing going for a run daily. The same goes with life. If you are both growing together, you’ll be more attuned with one another and harness a greater understanding of each other.

It is also great to be with someone who is trying to dissolve their egos with us because the relationship will just keep improving as we both advance as people. You’d think the honeymoon stage is the best, but when you’re growing together, every day becomes more enjoyable than the last because you’re both a step closer to your highest potential.


  1.   Understand the ego (and resentment)

Understanding the ego is crucial for our spiritual development and it is something that can benefit our relationships greatly. (We will have a more detailed article explaining this in-depth). Simply explained, the ego is whatever our Soul is not. It is the force inside of us that is constantly seeking pleasures and desires and it is the reason why we suffer. We have accumulated layers and layers of ego throughout our lives through many factors, but understanding who we truly are and who we are not is fundamental if we wish to become free.

As we understand and spot this “ego” within ourselves, we can also spot it in others. This is valuable knowledge because if we do not differentiate the ego from a person’s true Soul, we can hold grudges and harbor lots of resentment in our hearts. An example of using this awareness to our benefit is to apply it when we get into an argument with our partner. If they have an outburst of frustration or show us a side of them we may not like, we can be compassionate about the situation and become understanding of their suffering because we, too, have egos inside of us.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t love each other, it just means that we have unhealed parts within ourselves that we need to be worked on. Of course, we must have clear boundaries of what egos are simply unacceptable, but for the purpose of this article, we are talking about the healthy normal arguments that most of us face in a relationship.


  1.   Have individual goals while working on reaching your dreams together

As individuals, it is necessary for us to have passions and goals that give meaning to our existence. (We have a great worksheet to help you figure out your purpose here!). Having our own goals is substantial because we all have different needs that can’t be fulfilled by anyone but ourselves. When both people in the relationship have goals, they aren’t depending on the other person to be entertained all the time or to give their life purpose.

Our partners are meant to complement us and add on to our happiness, but their presence or absence shouldn’t determine whether we feel complete or not. We are supposed to be a team working on battling this life together, not in a parasitic relationship trying to suck the energy out of each other.


  1.   Commit unconditionally

A successful relationship is a work in progress. It is a commitment both people make to each other to love one another through the good times and the bad. Unconditional love means exactly what it says, without condition. We cannot stop loving our partners because they have a bad day. We cannot turn away from them because we’re struggling financially, with sickness, or with depression. We are making a commitment every day to give them our true love.

Of course, it is up to us to find a partner who has the intention of growing. It can be difficult to maintain a good relationship if one person is constantly changing for the better while the other is regressing. That being said, it is crucial that we understand that unconditional love doesn’t exist where there is violence, cheating, or other psychological harm. This isn’t love. It’s an ego or an attachment. Unconditional love will NEVER harm us. The only “damage” we should feel from love is the break down of our ego as we become our Higher Selves together.


Love has a clear definition. If we constantly work on attaining its purity and letting go of anything that opposes it, our relationship will certainly grow stronger every moment. I advise that you check yourself constantly and work on what you can improve in your character rather than point fingers. A good relationship starts with ourselves. Become the best version you can possibly be for the sake of your own peace and the one of those around you. The better we become at the core of our being, the better we mold every aspect of our lives, including the relationships we care about so deeply.

Meditation: an Introduction

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “meditation”?

You’re probably thinking of a Buddha-like figure or a group of monks sitting down cross-legged while they close their eyes and exude peace and wisdom from their being. While this is the stereotypical portrayal of meditation, it is much deeper than a simple sitting position.

Meditation is the act of living consciously.

You’d think that by definition we are all meditating all the time considering that we are “conscious,” right? Well, not exactly. You see, if you start to analyze your life second to second, from the moment you begin your day to the moment you drift away to sleep, you will realize the number of times your mind is not present in the moment.

You may be brushing your teeth and thinking about that dreadful task you have to do later. You may be driving in your car and thinking about a certain conversation that left you unsettled. You may even be reading this right now while your mind is wondering about the future, the past, the celebrity gossip you heard, a tv show…the list goes on and on! And when you take a step back and truly observe yourself as you go about your day, you’ll be shocked to realize that you have been living in a deep state of hypnosis induced by your own mind. You have been living on auto-pilot.

But why would our mind self-sabotage us?

Because we have neglected it our whole lives. Think of your mind as a dog. If you get a puppy and fail to train and nourish it properly, it will grow to be wild and untamed. You cannot expect it to learn on its own without guidance or habits. The same goes for our minds. If we have grown without awareness of our thoughts, we have probably suffered from the torments of negativity without knowing why. Life tends to be frustrating when we live unconsciously. We are constantly being bombarded by unwanted thoughts because we have no awareness to shield us from the world.

We have low-self esteem for “no reason,” yet we scroll through Instagram for hours while comparing ourselves to others. We have “unexplained” nightmares, yet we’ve been hooked on a show that promotes violent behavior. We have all these “sudden” bursts of emotions that we believe to be random because we are unaware of the many causes influencing our subconscious.

We are asleep.

“Stay woke,” they say. But truly. We must stay awake if we want to escape our suffering. And being awake doesn’t mean that we have more information on mindfulness than others, and it certainly does not create a hierarchy of superiority. True awakening requires us to fully exercise consciousness. And true consciousness requires our mind, body, and soul to be fully present in the moment in which we are living— without the filters of the ego, the subconscious, and all the conditioning that we have acquired throughout our journey.

To be conscious is easier said than done, but we cannot expect to get rid of all the years of conditioning in one day. We must apply habits of self-development into our lives. We must live every moment with purpose. We must honor ourselves through our choices. We cannot tame the mind if we don’t begin to observe it and become aware of it. This is why we practice exercises of meditation; to strengthen our ever fleeting concentration.

We can either stay sleeping in the comfort of our suffering or awaken and fight for our consciousness. Every moment we are faced with a choice: to control the mind or give away our power to it. It all comes down to one question: how badly do you want to be free?

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The Divine Station

“Follow your heart. Follow your intuition.”

I’m sure you have heard this advice every time you have faced a decisive moment in your life. Yet, somehow, that little voice seems to disappear when we need it the most. Why is it so difficult to listen to that “intuition” everyone speaks of? (And what is it, anyway?)

Intuition is the built-in wisdom within our Souls. We come into this world with an all-knowing inner guide that always knows what is best for us. But if that’s the case, why do many of our decisions contradict our ideology of a happy life?

As children, happiness was second nature to us. We knew what we wanted with ease because our minds were constantly tuned into the moment, ourselves, and intuition. But as we grew older, that child began to mold. Unconsciously, our minds started adapting to our environment, our parent’s and friends’ beliefs about the world, the latest trends, the media’s ideals, and just about everything that we have ever been exposed to. As the days and years went by, we built a new identity over the raw and pure being we once were. Sadly, our intuition was also sacrificed in the process as we buried it under the many layers of our developing personality. The signal of intuition which we were naturally drawn to as children began to fade, and its absence came with the confusion and indecision we suffer from today.

Feeling hopeless? Don’t!

Thankfully, we have tools to help us carve our way back into ourselves. Our intuition is still there, but we need a better understanding of it if we wish to retrieve it. An easy way to grasp this concept is to think of us as antennas and intuition as a radio station that requires specific tuning so we can hear it.

Like all radio stations, intuition is always there, but the radio is saturated with options… And we are saturated with ego (or identity layers). The ego loves the familiar tunes it’s been conditioned with its whole life, so we spend a great deal of our time listening to its favorite stations. When the ego is in charge, the frequency jumps from anger, lust, envy, fear, and depression– just like the waves of emotions that dictate our lives. Needless to say, the ego is too distracted to tune into intuition.

Simply stated, intuition is an exclusive station for those who venture on the journey of self-discovery through great sacrifice, patience, and self-discipline. It can only be heard by those who truly seek it and those who are willing to let go of their conditioning to find their inner child. It is not impossible, but it does require a deep cleanse from all the years we have neglected our true selves.

With all this being said, what about those “gut feelings” we get about certain people or certain situations?

Intuition is the Creator’s gift to us, and we are all called to the path of self-mastery, which is why we feel glimpses of it at times that are meant to guide us and protect us. But that’s just 1% of what true intuition can be if we fully tune in. Imagine always making the best decisions for your life? Imagine ending your suffering because your Highest Self is guiding your every step? That is true liberation, and that is the gift of a fully open intuition.

As we embark on this journey, we understand that suffering is inevitable, but a great reward awaits us. With every step we take forward, and our armor of willpower, patience, and persistence, we can slowly liberate the child within us. Only then can we tune back into the Divine station, which is ever-present, everlasting, and ever waiting for our return. All it takes is a reconnection of the Soul, and this can only be achieved when we are one with the highest power of existence: Love.

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10 Tools To Stay Positive During Challenging Times

During times of turmoil, the last thing we want to hear is to “stay positive”; especially if we are dealing with feelings of deep pain, uncertainty, despair, and hopelessness. We are all entitled to feel. We can’t pretend that our emotions don’t exist because they’re real and part of the human experience. But emotions, like thoughts, are fleeting; and we get to decide if we’ll allow them to become permanent hosts or quick passengers in our minds.

If we wish to have any control over our lives, we must be equipped to face any challenge. Life tends to test us in ways that force us to grow. It can throw us into dark caves without providing us with any guidance or guarantee that we’ll ever make it out. But maybe, the challenge is not to escape the cave but to learn to adjust and live peacefully inside of it.

What we think of as a “challenge” always depends on our perspective. Ideally, we want to perceive all hurdles as merely stepping stones leading us to our highest potential- although this is easier said than done. I can’t tell you to pretend that life is perfect and difficulties don’t exist because that would be a lie. Obstacles do exist, and we are all allowed to complain, cry, and grief as we go through them. But we cannot linger in that mentality for too long. We must quickly shift gears if we don’t want to become targets of depression.

So what can we do in the face of hopelessness? Let’s look at some powerful tools that can be of great help in case we are struggling to stay afloat:

1. Meditate: Find some time for yourself throughout the day to sit quietly with your thoughts for at least 3 minutes. Can you see what’s disturbing you? Unless you become aware of the negative thoughts that are bringing you down, you will keep recycling them and falling into their never-ending cycle. Noticing your thoughts will bring you clarity and understanding of where your suffering is coming from, which you can slowly counteract with higher affirmations.

2. Set up a schedule: Build yourself a schedule with a to-do list for the day. This will maintain you busy and working on yourself. Have a checklist for every activity you accomplish. Visually seeing your triumphs will make you feel fulfilled and proud of yourself (even if they’re as simple as getting out of bed).

3. Journal: In a blank notebook or on your phone, write down what you’re doing with your time every hour. This will make you think twice about wasting away your days in activities that don’t serve your well-being since you physically have to write down how you’re spending it. Journaling is also a great incentive to work on yourself

4. Keep inspiration close: Whether you watch free uplifting videos on YouTube, read self-help books, or follow inspirational pages on social media, surround yourself with as much positivity as you can. Remember that there are people out there who have lived through similar situations as you, so they understand you and can give you advice. The internet has lots of great resources so take advantage!

5. Exercise: I know this may be the last thing you want to do. You may feel like crying all day or screaming as loud as you can, but draining your emotional energy is not the answer. Instead, you can try exercise and benefit from its natural high. You don’t have to do any strenuous work. Just get your body moving. Science has proven that exercising every day can give us the same effects as taking anti-depressants, so why not release some negative energy in a natural and healthy way?

6. Find an outlet to express yourself: Sometimes, the best way to release our emotions is by bringing them into the physical world. Think about how you liked to express yourself as a child. Was it through art, a sport, a hobby? Get back into it. You don’t have to become a professional; just think of this as a fun therapy to let go of some built-up emotions.

7. Get in touch with nature: Go outside. Refuel with the warm energy of the Sun. Ground yourself by walking barefoot and letting Gaia take care of your worries. Nature can give us a free cleansing and help us quickly tune into ourselves. This also includes surrounding yourself with animals—their pure hearts can rapidly uplift our spirit!

8. Surround yourself with people who love you: We may be drawn to spend time by ourselves when we are feeling down. Alone time is great for introspection, but during these times, we don’t want to become too comfortable being alone as depression tends to roam closely. Talk to your family or your friends. Allow them to comfort you even if it’s just by sharing some company. Love is a powerful potion.

9. Develop the habit of gratitude: Even on the darkest nights, there will always be something to be thankful for. Set up a reminder to practice gratitude every day. Write down a few things that you feel grateful for, even if on some days you can only think of the food you ate and the roof over your head (which are things we should never take for granted). Though you may be going through a difficult time, you’ll realize that you are far more blessed than you think.

10. Accept your emotions: Accept that your pain is present but that it will pass. Don’t brush off your emotions. They’re showing you deeper parts of yourself. Become aware of what you feel while consciously working towards a path of healing.

Staying positive can be a constant battle, but deep inside we all have unimaginable strength. Like everything in life, this will also pass. Sooner or later you will realize that the challenge you’re going through was preparing you for something much bigger than you ever thought possible. You are being sculpted. You are exactly where you need to be. Your soul is learning the lesson it needs in order to grow into the next level. And while this may not be easy to understand right now, don’t forget that you have 100% streak at getting through life’s challenges thus far. Which only means that if you keep going, you will certainly make it through this time.

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