“Follow your heart. Follow your intuition.”

I’m sure you have heard this advice every time you have faced a decisive moment in your life. Yet, somehow, that little voice seems to disappear when we need it the most. Why is it so difficult to listen to that “intuition” everyone speaks of? (And what is it, anyway?)

Intuition is the built-in wisdom within our Souls. We come into this world with an all-knowing inner guide that always knows what is best for us. But if that’s the case, why do many of our decisions contradict our ideology of a happy life?

As children, happiness was second nature to us. We knew what we wanted with ease because our minds were constantly tuned into the moment, ourselves, and intuition. But as we grew older, that child began to mold. Unconsciously, our minds started adapting to our environment, our parent’s and friends’ beliefs about the world, the latest trends, the media’s ideals, and just about everything that we have ever been exposed to. As the days and years went by, we built a new identity over the raw and pure being we once were. Sadly, our intuition was also sacrificed in the process as we buried it under the many layers of our developing personality. The signal of intuition which we were naturally drawn to as children began to fade, and its absence came with the confusion and indecision we suffer from today.

Feeling hopeless? Don’t!

Thankfully, we have tools to help us carve our way back into ourselves. Our intuition is still there, but we need a better understanding of it if we wish to retrieve it. An easy way to grasp this concept is to think of us as antennas and intuition as a radio station that requires specific tuning so we can hear it.

Like all radio stations, intuition is always there, but the radio is saturated with options… And we are saturated with ego (or identity layers). The ego loves the familiar tunes it’s been conditioned with its whole life, so we spend a great deal of our time listening to its favorite stations. When the ego is in charge, the frequency jumps from anger, lust, envy, fear, and depression– just like the waves of emotions that dictate our lives. Needless to say, the ego is too distracted to tune into intuition.

Simply stated, intuition is an exclusive station for those who venture on the journey of self-discovery through great sacrifice, patience, and self-discipline. It can only be heard by those who truly seek it and those who are willing to let go of their conditioning to find their inner child. It is not impossible, but it does require a deep cleanse from all the years we have neglected our true selves.

With all this being said, what about those “gut feelings” we get about certain people or certain situations?

Intuition is the Creator’s gift to us, and we are all called to the path of self-mastery, which is why we feel glimpses of it at times that are meant to guide us and protect us. But that’s just 1% of what true intuition can be if we fully tune in. Imagine always making the best decisions for your life? Imagine ending your suffering because your Highest Self is guiding your every step? That is true liberation, and that is the gift of a fully open intuition.

As we embark on this journey, we understand that suffering is inevitable, but a great reward awaits us. With every step we take forward, and our armor of willpower, patience, and persistence, we can slowly liberate the child within us. Only then can we tune back into the Divine station, which is ever-present, everlasting, and ever waiting for our return. All it takes is a reconnection of the Soul, and this can only be achieved when we are one with the highest power of existence: Love.

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