Need a boost in your meditation practice?

Use our guided meditations to help you relax into a calmer state of mind

Empower your Highest Self

Discover a journey of transformation and renewal with our guided meditation experience, designed to unleash the boundless power within you.

Guided Meditation to Release Tension

In this meditation, we will tap into the power of our imagination to remember our innate connection to Source, and use this connection to let go of any tension, anxiety, or frustration that may be weighing us down.

Guided Morning Meditation

A guided meditation with a prayer to begin your day connected to Source. Listen to it every morning and allow the words to infuse your day with positivity and blessings.

Abundance Affirmations

A short affirmation video to start your day with positive affirmations that will help you open your heart and allow abundance and gratitude to enter into your life.

Meditation for Anxiety

A 7 minute guided meditation to help you let go of any anxieties you have collected in your heart. Enjoy a moment of peace.

Healing Guided Meditation

A guided meditation designed to help you on your path towards healing if you're currently dealing with any difficult circumstances in your life.