Meditation is a complex word. It isn’t just a position of the body, but more of a way of existing (we have a more in depth blog explaining the meaning of meditation here). To live in the present and perceive life without the conditioning of the mind is true meditation. However, it is difficult to be in the now when we lack concentration.

How many times a day does your mind wander away with your thoughts?

How often do you find yourself doing something when all of a sudden you realize that you had been inside your head the whole time and you missed the moment completely?

Let’s just say it’s been one too many times. But you’re not alone. We’ve all been there. In fact, we are there most of the time. It is rare to be completely 100% aware because we have accustomed our minds to be distracted at all times. We love entertainment, and this is why we find it so difficult to sit down with ourselves for a few moments. But this is the exact reason why we want to keep practicing meditation. Because we want to train the mind to be in the moment. 

If you’ve ever tried meditating, you know how difficult it is to attain peace. Meditation isn’t supposed to be easy. You wouldn’t expect yourself to become a pro tennis player just from practicing one day, right? Well, the mind is an art of its own that must be nourished in order for us to master it. What does one gain from controlling the mind? Infinite possibilities. And mostly, control of our lives. 

Aren’t you tired of being swayed away by whatever is in front of you? Aren’t you exhausted from missing your own life because you were living inside your head? If you only give yourself a little time every day, you can start regaining control of your mind. We’ll share with you a few of our favorite beginner exercises that you can start practicing every day to strengthen your concentration and become present in your existence.


1. Anchor Meditation

Having an anchor is an easy way to meditate. Ideally, you’ll want to be in a dignified position, so sit with your back straight or feel free to lay down facing upward (Try to avoid being in a sleeping position. We are trying to stay conscious!) 

Now, pick your anchor. We like to pick our breath or our heartbeat, as these are two anchors that we can take with us anywhere. 

The goal is to focus on your anchor for as long as you can. If you catch yourself drifting, don’t be hard on yourself, it is actually great that you noticed! Now simply go back to your anchor and repeat. We recommend that you put a timer on your phone that reminds you to come back to the moment  in case your mind takes you away. You can start with as low as 1 minute a day. What’s important is that you’re consistent! 


2. Grounding Meditation

Practicing coming back to the moment is an important exercise to keep handy, especially when we are dealing with stress about the past, the future or because our thoughts are spiraling out of control. 

During a grounding meditation, you will use all your senses. Start asking yourself the following questions: 

What do I see around me? 

What fragrances can I smell? 

What surface is below me, what textures am I feeling? 

What sounds can I hear? 

These questions will bring you back into the present as you have to be aware of your surroundings. Keep practicing until you feel calm enough. If you’re feeling good, you can move into an anchor meditation right after!


3. Gratitude Meditation

There are times that the mind is in a dark place and it seems impossible for us to find peace. This is when a grateful meditation is a must! 

This one is simple. Give thanks. If you cannot think of anything, give thanks for the miracle of life, for the food you have, for water, for shelter, for your loved ones. Keep giving thanks. Gratitude allows us to see our blessings and it is a great way to clean our hearts.  We also recommend that you go into an anchor meditation after you have cleaned yourself with this exercise. 


The mind is just like any muscle that must be developed, otherwise, it becomes weak. And the problem is that a weak mind is a paradox, for it becomes our biggest obstacle. If the mind is weak, it will control us and drive us into whatever thought labyrinth entertains it most. This is why harnessing concentration is crucial to the development of consciousness. We must stay mindful, aware and awake. True consciousness only lives in the moment and we cannot keep living asleep. 

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