Ethics are the foundation of a blissful life. Have you ever read a children’s book or watched a kid’s show? Although they seem to be very basic, most are pure at their core. They contain fundamental values such as respect, honesty, and love. This is because to some extent, our society understands the principles that must be ingrained into the future citizens of the world if we want to live in harmony. Of course, as many of us grow older, our ethics become muddled. Our integrity becomes weak because we want to justify our behavior without remorse, and slowly we lose the foundation of our character and find ourselves dealing with anxiety, mental issues, and the incapability of finding peace inside our very own mind.

Ignoring the ethics of our Being leads to suffering.

Think about it. If we were persistently reacting with integrity, our minds wouldn’t have any uncomfortable memories to project at us. If we were honest people, we wouldn’t think about the lies we’ve told and the shame that they carry with them. If we spoke well of our friends behind their backs, we wouldn’t feel guilty about our words or about putting up a facade. If we weren’t thinking with jealousy & resentment, we would be at peace with our relationships and most importantly, with ourselves.

It is a fact that if we were ethical people, we’d have fewer internal conflicts. But how, then, is it that we continuously fail to align our thoughts and actions with our core values?

Throughout the years, we have accustomed ourselves to live in a constant state of disturbance. We think it’s normal to be at war with ourselves and we’ve accepted that our mind simply isn’t capable of providing us with tranquility. We fail to remember our true state of bliss because we lack comprehension. And we’ll keep suffering until we change our internal dialogue and the way we act.

Essentially, we want to be people who think and behave in congruence with our Soul. We want to be kind to others because we understand the pain that we can generate with our actions. But it doesn’t stop in the physical plane. We want to go even deeper into the energy we emit into this world. If we think it is harmless to create poisonous thoughts because they won’t affect anyone physically, we are mistaken. Our thoughts have power, and thinking with anger, resentment, envy, etc, is equally as harmful to our psyche (and to others) even if we did not move our body a slight inch.

Close your eyes. Observe the chatter. What is your mind saying to you? Why does it keep replaying that uncomfortable scene? Have you broken any behavioral cycle? Are you still acting and thinking in a low vibration? Or are you embodying Divinity in your mind, body, and heart? Only we know the answers to these questions and we cannot lie to ourselves. Our suffering will keep screaming at us until we acknowledge who we are. Truly, not any material possession or person can bring us the stillness we seek if we do not change our core. And peace will only come when we incarnate who we are destined to be.