Who are you? Who is that entity controlling you when you’re angry and thinking those terrible things about another person? Who is it that feels jealousy and has the need to gossip to make yourself feel better? Who is it that wants you to hold resentment and grudges to retaliate whoever caused you pain? Who is running your mind all day?

Starve the ego, feed the soul.

We think we understand the meaning of this cliche quote. It’s all over the spiritual community, but if we truly comprehend it, then why haven’t we stopped feeding the ego?

Have you ever taken the time to analyze your mind for a whole day? It’s wild inside there. Most of the time, the mind is wanting something. It wants that attractive person who just passed by and those nice clothes we saw online. It wants to eat that delicious burger that was advertised in that commercial and to lash out at the person who cut us off on the road… It wants and wants continuously without cessation.

And have you ever taken the time to analyze how many times you’ve acted upon the thoughts created by your mind? We think we are in charge of our lives, but truly, we are just the puppets of an uncontrolled mind that is run by the different egos that live inside our psyche.

How many times do you stop your revengeful thoughts and instead choose compassion? How often do you look at people with the lust of a wild animal and stop to think about the fact that they are divine beings and not just toys for you to satisfy yourself with? It all sounds “prude” and “extreme” because our society has degenerated and immorality normalized. But this isn’t normal.

We are just infested with ego.

At our very core, we are pure. Our natural state is seen clearly in young children who have yet to develop their egos. Revenge doesn’t filter their mind. They don’t feel the need to gossip because they’re happy with themselves. They’re not in constant competition with others because they’re too busy living in the moment. They allow their emotions to come and go.

How did we drift so far away from that purity? It’s no surprise that most people suffer from mental illnesses these days. Even cancer is at an all-time high. We are rejecting the very nature of our Being with our thoughts and actions alone. And we are manifesting sickness.

We think we are ethical beings because we don’t steal or kill people, but we don’t realize that we are energy vampires who steal other’s energy. Our hurtful words are daggers to the heart, and our selfish desires ignore the suffering of those around us.

“The devil lives in the details”, they say.

Our life is an accumulation of the small actions that we perform daily. And if we truly take a look at ourselves, we can see that we’ve been feeding the wrong beast for a long time; otherwise, why do we suffer when we are alone?

Life becomes suffering when we become apathetic towards humanity and we choose to act selfishly rather than with true love. It is only when we understand that we can never satisfy an ego by feeding it that we’ll finally terminate its binge.

Starve the ego. But truly. Stop feeding the animal desires. Stop living in an unconscious state of mind. Stop letting society dictate your path. And mostly, start living with intention and be led by your heart. It all starts with the honesty that lies inside the core of our Being. Analyze and be truthful to yourself. If we’ve been feeding our Soul this whole time, why are we still not free?

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