In recent years, meditation has increased in popularity. The worldwide known practice is no longer associated only with those seeking a spiritual transformation. More people are increasingly becoming aware of their lack of peace and meditation has proven to be a great tool to gain some sanity.

As many embark on their meditational journey, eagerness and determination fuel their path. Unfortunately, many also quit after some time, realizing that they haven’t made much progress in their lives. The reason is simple. Meditation as a calming and relaxation practice is necessary, but with retrospection, we can trigger true internal change to take place in our lives.

What is retrospection and how is it different from a calming meditation?

When we calm ourselves by breathing or by listening to a guided meditation, we can slow down and think with more clarity. This is certainly beneficial because by taking a break, we are giving ourselves time to react to life consciously rather than on impulse. Nevertheless, a test of conscience is required if we want to understand what is making us lose our peace in the first place. This is where retrospection comes in.

The practice of retrospection is easy.

To begin, we want to relax the mind. Once we are in a state of peace, we want to envision our day from the moment we wake up to where we presently reside. Now, we simply witness what is happening. We don’t want to fantasize, only to observe actual facts. It is best if we practice at the end of each day so we can analyze ourselves thoroughly.

Observing our day can be uncomfortable. There are many times when we’ll see ourselves acting in ways that don’t resonate with our Being, and this causes great pain. Meditate on how you could’ve acted better on those occasions. The key is to learn from those moments so that you can react better the next time you are faced with a similar situation.

If we are honest with ourselves, we’ll realize the many times our thoughts and actions aren’t congruent with those of a higher being. This newfound awareness can cause great change in us. It is only through accountability that we give ourselves the chance to improve.

Life is cyclical. We tend to fall into the same psychological patterns that have been causing us pain since we were young, but by practicing retrospection, we can break those cycles. Of course, it takes courage to look at ourselves for who we truly are. But with this practice, we have the power to create new pathways that will lead us to find peace & understanding of our Selves.