10 Tools To Stay Positive During Challenging Times

If we wish to have any control over our lives, we must be equipped to face any challenge. Life tends to test us in ways that force us to grow. It can throw us into dark caves without providing us…

The Divine Station

“Follow your heart. Follow your intuition.” I’m sure you have heard this advice every time you have faced a decisive moment in your life; yet somehow, that little voice seems to disappear when we…

Meditation: an Introduction

Every moment we are faced with a choice: to control the mind or to give away our power to it. It all comes down to one question: how badly do you want to be free?

7 Secrets to Have a Happy and Loving Relationship

Why is it that so many couples fail these days? How is it possible that almost 50% of marriages end up in divorce? Here are a few "secrets" to help you achieve a happy & loving relationship.

What is the Ego?

Have you ever felt like you lost control of your emotions and said something you regretted after?  Do you ever feel certain things that you know in your heart aren’t part of who you are? Let's…