How to Build Your Self-Confidence

Confidence isn’t about a certain look or about carrying ourselves a certain way. True confidence is about accepting who we are and loving ourselves regardless of our appearance, our social status or…

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How to Forgive Yourself

We do not have the ability of time traveling and changing situations, but we do have the gift of becoming better people today. If in our hearts we are truly sorry for our actions and fully comprehend…

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Self-Forgiveness Letter

This is the letter of forgiveness that you've been waiting for to move on. If you do this exercise with an open heart and a sincere intention, it will help you greatly.

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5 Ways to Practice Self-Love

“Love yourself” has been one of the most popular mottos of the recent years, but how do we really harness self-love? Let’s quickly look at a few ways in which we can practice self-love and improve…

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Self-Love Journaling Exercises

What's preventing you from loving yourself fully? Let these questions guide you inside your subconscious beliefs so you can rewrite your internal script.

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