The Present Moment

Remember who you are. You are not the experiences of the mind. You are not the past. You are not the future. You are here, now, living, breathing, Being.

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Getting to Know Myself Worksheet

Do you truly know your Self? These questions will ignite a fire to help you on your journey of self-discovery. As always, your intention is what truly makes this an effective exercise.

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The Importance of Solitude

Being alone isn’t easy, and it can even be scary at times, but there is nothing more rewarding than living life conscious of who we are. They say that if we wish to know God, we must first know…

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Control Your Thoughts

We can either feed ourselves with garbage or with light and higher virtues. Don’t let your mind go on autopilot. Know exactly who is in charge.

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Practical Karma

What goes around, comes around. We reap what we sow. Where there is an action, there must be an equal or greater reaction. Whatever we want to call it, everything we do has a consequence.

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Meditation as a calming and relaxation practice is necessary, but with retrospection, we can trigger a true internal change to take place in our lives.

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