Our thoughts are the foundation of our emotional stability. We simply don’t feel joy or despair without reason. Our state of being is something that is cultivated.

Observe your mind. How many times do you destroy someone with your derogatory thoughts towards them? How often do you complain or judge the situations you are in?

If we observe how we think, we can understand how our minds are repeatedly creating suffering. When we think negatively of others, we are creating anger, resentment, and emotions that will inevitably cause pain. If we complain inside our minds rather than accept what we are given, we are creating feelings of dissatisfaction and ingratitude.

We are constantly building our reality through the thoughts we generate.

And the thoughts we produce are affected by many factors we want to be aware of. How often are you exposing yourself to gory violence on tv? What about pornography and lust? How much time do you spend watching the news and fearing for your wellbeing after watching a tragedy that happened thousands of miles away from you?

In today’s society, our thoughts are being influenced more than ever. It is why we have nightmares and “inexplicable” desires or fears. If we aren’t aware, we’ll be puppets of whatever anyone wants us to think or be.

Guarding our mind is of utmost importance if we wish to be at peace. We want to be “picky” and choose to surround ourselves with people, places, and ideas that will bring us serenity. If we drift along with the waves of our uncontrolled thoughts, they will take us into deep, dark waters of affliction. We want to remain conscious.

Become aware of what you’re exposing yourself to. Observe the negative chatter in your head and decide to stop indulging in it. Make the conscious decision to take control of your ship. This is how we change ourselves. This is how we shift the dialogue. We can either feed ourselves with garbage or with light and higher virtues. Don’t let your mind go on autopilot. Know exactly who is in charge.