Virtual Life Coaching

Instant Messaging Session
$30per session
  • 1 hour virtual session

Virtual Life Coaching

Phone Session
$45per session
  • 1 hour phone session

Reprogramming Plan

Need a little help managing your goals? It usually takes about 4-6 weeks for a person to develop a new habit. With our Reprogramming Plan, we will create a custom detailed schedule with new habits and exercises for you to follow for the next 4 weeks so you can reprogram your life into one that aligns with your goals, vision, or highest purpose.

The Reprogramming Plan is tailored around your specific vision. We will have one virtual session where we will get to know you better and understand your needs. If you wish to continue with the service after the first month, we will meet again to revise and update the plan according to your transformation as you grow through you new habits. (For more in depth guidance, take a look at our life coaching services)

I want to reprogram my life now!

Virtual Life Coaching

We are excited to announce that we will be offering a virtual Life Coaching service for individuals who are looking for guidance on their journey. You can book an instant messaging session or one over the phone. Spots are limited since we want to make sure that our clients get our full attention so book with time!

What exactly does our life coaching involve? 

We believe everyone has the capacity inside of them to learn, to grow, and to change through life’s experience. We also believe that this evolution can be expedited when one has the right information, mentors, and tools. This is where we come in. In our program, you will be guided to the answers you are looking for as we unlock the powers of your Higher Self. We are not here to offer you a life of physical riches, money, or fame, but rather to orient you to that innermost calling inside of you which will grant you true bliss. Together, we will delve into what is causing your current suffering and proactively move towards building a life of purpose.

What can you expect? 

Absolutely no one in the world can change us until we make the conscious decision to do so. Not our parents, our family, or even a spiritual guru. True change happens consciously. Which is why our program focuses on making your Higher Self our guide throughout our sessions. Allowing your Higher Self to be free will naturally bring you to realizations about yourself which will trigger a permanent change in your life. YOU have the answers. YOU are your guru. We are only enabling an encounter with the Self.

How many sessions do I need to see true change? 

This all depends on what you’re looking for and how much effort you put outside of our sessions. There is not one answer as true change takes time, but whether you got what you needed in one session or you feel like you need more time with us is up to you. You can think of us as your crutches for now; intuitively let us go when you’re ready to walk on your own!

What is the  difference between the phone session and the instant messaging session? 

We all communicate differently. Some of us have an ease expressing ourselves verbally and some of us are better at expressing ourselves through writing. This is why we want to offer you the chance to choose whatever method you feel most comfortable with.

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